Identifiers are used in Filtering to restrict results to those that exactly match the identifier passed. Many of these identifiers come from standard vocabularies such as Getty aiding re-use of queries across different cultural heritage collections.


We refer to Getty identifiers in a shorthand format, removing the leading 3 and any zeroes following it and prepending it with AAT. For example: Plastic -> 3000134570 - > AAT134570

You can also use the form as given by Getty.

All other identifiers are local to the V&A and have the following prefixes:

  • THES - All controlled vocabularies

  • x - All controlled vocabularies

  • N/AUTH/C/A/U - Person/People/Organisation only

Below are some common identifiers to aid in starting filtering results.




  • St Ives - x29411

  • Paris - x29068

  • Sydney - x37347

  • Rome - x29106

  • Cape Town - x38584

  • London -x28980

  • Tokyo - x32204

  • New York - x29030

  • Lima - THES270687

  • Amsterdam - x28722

  • Moscow - x32457


  • Queen Victoria

  • Prince Albert

  • William Morris

  • Julia Margeret Cameron

  • William De Morgan